Toll processing

The Hosokawa Group has several contract manufacturing & toll processing facilities across the northern hemisphere. They offer a wide range of processing technologies for one-time projects or recurring jobs - all supported by great powder and particle processing expertise.

In the Netherlands, Hosokawa Micron offers the following operations: batch mixing and agglomeration, continuous mixing and agglomeration, batch drying, milling & classification, continuous drying, densification and packing.

Outsourcing your advantages

  • Clearly defined costs
  • No planning and authorizing costs
  • No investment in equipment and buildings
  • Efficient production of small quantities:
    test your process on lab- and production scale and define the specifications of your machine
  • Use toll processing in your development process
  • Produce materials for marketing activities, prior to investment in new production capacity
  • Fill the gap between design and start up of your new equipment or plant
  • Launching new products by means of toll processing, until your sales has reached a solid and profitable base
  • We can offer short- or longterm contracts.

Our crew as well as our toll processing equipment are very flexible in adapting to your specifications!

Available toll processing equipment

Toll processing equipment available to help you with testing and contract manufacturing your products:

  1. Nauta batch (vacuum) drying or mixing equipment: 300, 800, 3500, 6000 litres
  2. Cyclomix for high shear mixing: 5, 50, 500 litres
  3. Flash dryer up to 150 kg/h water evaporation
  4. Machinery for continuous mixing and agglomeration
  5. Ultrasonic screening on 45, 80 and 140 micron
  6. Intermediate transport in stainless steel IBC’s

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