Testing & Tolling in times of corona

During these challenging times, we at Hosokawa Micron B.V. keep committed to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners. We are strictly following the guidelines from the responsible authorities and have adapted our usual operations to the current situation.

How does this affect our testing and tolling capabilities?

Testing & Tolling continues

Customer tests and toll processing activities continue to take place. During these activities we prefer to use digital solutions, such as video conferencing and email, to communicate with the customer as 'real-time' as possible.

A recent example:

  • We started the test day off with a video conference with the customer, to set out the goals and details of that day.
  • We sent a summary to the customer, via email, for confirmation and approval.
  • During the day we sent multiple photos and videos of test runs and product samples to the customer, so they could 'witness' the tests from a distance.
  • When all tests were done, we finished with another video conference to discuss the results.
  • The test samples were sent to the customer by mail.
  • Soon after, the customer received a detailed test report, as usual.

The customer appreciated our approach very much and was happy they could continue with their project, despite the lockdown measures. We had several similar examples in the past weeks, which demonstrates that with good will and mutual trust, a lot is possible!

Customer attendance

When the customer insists on attending physically, the following conditions apply: we allow no more than two people per customer. Each visitor has to fill out and return a checklist before their visit, to ensure they have not been sick or around someone who has been in the last 14 days.

Visitors are subject to strict hygiene instructions, which include regularly washing hands, no hand-shaking, sneezing/coughing in a flexed elbow, use of paper tissues, disinfection gel and/or wipes, gloves and - when 1.5 m distance cannot be guaranteed - face masks.

Continuing to serve our customers

Customers for testing or tolling may be reluctant or think that it is impossible with the current restrictions. However, as the example above illustrates, there are other ways as long as both parties are open to creative solutions. We are there for our testing and tolling customers!

If you want to know more or discuss the options available, don't hesitate to contact us.

Stay healthy!