Powder processing

Hosokawa is the world's largest provider of processing machinery for the field of powder and particle processing. Renowned names such as Alpine, Micron, Nauta, Schugi, Stott, Vitalair and Vrieco are all included in the Group’s range.

Wide range of powder processing machinery

Hosokawa Micron’s wide range of powder processing machinery comprises innovatively-designed and expertly-engineered mixing, drying, agglomeration, milling and containment technologies, as well as ancillary equipment, assembly, commissioning, on-site training and process optimisation.

What industries?

We specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative powder processing machinery in a number of industries, including:

By focusing on these over the years, we have developed in-depth and unparalleled experience and know-how about powder processing that we enjoy sharing with our customers.

More information about powder processing

Need help in selecting efficient powder processing equipment? Please do not hesitate to contact us! Our experienced team will help you to find the best processing solution to your need, taking all details and requirements into consideration.


Being a leader in mixing, drying & agglomeration technologies, Hosokawa Micron is constantly seeking for improvement, new technologies and new applications. Frequently, new developments take place in co-operation with our customers and with the use of our well equipped test station, where all our equipment is available at semi-industrial scale.


Test Centre

In our test and development centre we can test your product to determine the optimal process prior to final design.Learn more


Engineering Services

Hosokawa Micron offers you the extensive experience and superior competencies of our highly qualified engineering team, specialised in the design and development of powder process solutions.Learn more