The Turbulizer is a continuous high-speed horizontal paddle mixer with paddles located in a single helical or double helical pattern around the rotor shaft. This high-speed paddle mixer has been developed for fine and cohesive powder applications.

High speed paddle mixer (Turbulizer) High speed paddle mixer (Turbulizer) High speed paddle mixer (Turbulizer) High speed paddle mixer (Turbulizer)

The mixing intensity of the Turbulizer can be tailored to the specific application by adjusting paddle pitch and shaft speed. It has maximum tip speeds of up to 40 - 50 m/s and is very effective at dispersing materials in a short amount of time. Typical residence times range from 1 to 20 seconds. The Turbulizer is ideal for low quantities, which in combination with short residence times can provide increased energy efficiency.

Turbulizer high speed paddle mixer

The Turbulizer offers flexibility and adaptability for a wide range of applications, like high-intensity mixing, coating, fine agglomeration or continuous reaction of powders with gases. It is capable of extremely high, heat transfer efficiency due to close contact between the material and the heated inside surface. Units can also be fitted with a heating or cooling jacket depending on the process requirements.


  • Perfect temperature control during mixing
  • Capacities from 100 kg/h to 100,000 kg/h
  • Thin layer coating
  • Low quantity operation and short residence times
  • High capacity machine
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable paddle pitch and shaft speed
  • Flexible operation

Turbulizers come in sizes ranging from 20 cm diameter to 120 cm diameter and in through-put rates from 100 kg per hour to 100 tons per hour. With the compactness of the design a very minimal amount of floor space and head room is required.

Model [-] T-8 T-14 T-20 T-30 T-48
Diameter [cm] 20 36 51 76 122
Capacity range [m³/h] 1.3 - 3 5 - 17 12 - 42 32 - 110 100 - 340
Tip velocity [m/s] 3.2 - 45 3.7 - 50 4 - 56 4 - 62 5 - 70
Typical motor power [kW] 15 37 75 110 200

Our expert design and engineering team would happily help you specify the right ancillary equipment to compliment the Turbulizer® high speed paddle mixer. These ancillaries may include:

  • Special feeding units
  • Plant controls

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