The Modulomix is a continuous modular mixer based on proven Cyclomix batch mixing technology. It has been designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry and can be used for low, medium or high shear applications. The Modulomix can be integrated in a PAT (Process Analytical Technology) environment.

The Modulomix is a very compact blender that can be incorporated into Hosokawa Micron’s total continuous blending systems. This means that you can combine the Modulomix modular mixer with PTS, LIW feeders, continuous blenders, PAT technologies and even downstream processing, like (wet) granulation and/or compacting.

This is extremely useful in pharmaceutical applications and is a specialism Hosokawa Micron is proud of.

Continuous Pharma Mixer (Modulomix) Continuous Pharma Mixer (Modulomix) Continuous Pharma Mixer (Modulomix) Continuous Pharma Mixer (Modulomix) Continuous Pharma Mixer (Modulomix) Continuous Pharma Mixer (Modulomix) Continuous Pharma Mixer (Modulomix)

The Modulomix has been designed to be compact with fast reactivity, minimum residue and rapid start-up and shutdown protocols. It produces homogeneous blending in the blending chamber, with little change to PSD or temperature. It is fast and can be adapted to suit varying mixing conditions due to its variable-speed as well as the design of its agitator blades.

If you are looking for two different mixing environments in one single phase, multiple Modulomix mixers can be cascaded in series:

Modulomix working principle


  • Fast homogeneous blending
  • Very limited temperature increase
  • Sequential mixing with multiple mixers
  • Low residual materials (even after emergency stoppage) and fast response time
  • Capacity of 2 kg/h to 200 kg/h
  • Virtually no need for up-scaling
  • Easy-use variable shear conditions
  • Easy integration with PAT tools

The Modulomix has been designed to offer flexibility and adaptability as part of any continuous blending system. With help from our expert engineers, you will have no trouble specifying the best possible solution for all your powder processing requirements.

Our design and engineering team can help you to design a full continuous blending system, including all necessary ancillary equipment:

  • PTS sytems
  • Hicoflex systems
  • LIW (Loss in Weight) feeders
  • PAT (Process Analytical Technology) technologies
  • (Wet) Granulators
  • Dryers
  • Compactors
  • CIP (Clean-In-Place) skids
  • SIP (Sterilization-In-Place) skids
  • Control systems
  • Tablet presses

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