Cyclomix | high-shear impact mixer

The Cyclomix high-shear impact mixer is a revolutionary high-speed, intensive paddle mixer and agglomerator that has been specially designed for cohesive powders with liquids or melt binders. It also handles pastes, slurries and liquids with varying characteristics with ease due to its combination of high-shear and high-impact forces. This high shear impact mixer offers a high level of homogeneity in the end product, such as frequently demanded by the food-, chemical-, plastic-, toner-, mineral-, cosmetic- and pharmaceutical industries.

High shear impact mixer (Cyclomix) High Shear Impact Mixer (Cyclomix) - 50 ltr High Shear Impact Mixer (Cyclomix) - 50 ltr Mini Cyclomix pharma blender Cyclomix 5 liter pharma blender Cyclomix 50 liter pharma blender Cyclomix 75 liter pharma blender Cyclomix 50 liter pharma blender Cyclomix 150 litres Cyclomix 500 litres Cyclomix 500 litres

The mixing vessel is conical shaped and has a central rotor which rotates at a speed up to 30 m/s. The speed of the rotor creates centrifugal forces that push the product to the vessel wall where the shape of the vessel causes an upward movement. The cover guides the product towards the centre of the mixer and at the top, an impact blade efficiently disperses cohesive powders and liquids.

Working principle Cyclomix

A high degree of liquid dispersion and agglomerate size homogeneity can be achieved in the Cyclomix with ultra-short processing times. It creates a high-shear field along the wall which leads to rapid build-up of agglomerates and the impact blade controls the maximum agglomerate size.

This intensive mixing process close to the wall allows effective heat transfer between the heat-controlled jacketed wall and the product. This allows optimal temperature control of the product and very accurate agglomeration with melt binders as well as rapid drying of wet agglomerates.

The Cyclomix is a multi-purpose, high-shear impact mixer that is suitable for a variety of applications. It combines different processes in one single machine and is the ideal choice for intensive thermal processing of high energy input; high degree of dispersion and homogeneity and ultra-short cycle times.

Its applications include:

  • Intensive mixing of cohesive powders, slurries and liquids
  • Agglomeration by temperature or moisture addition
  • Coating of powders with powders or liquids
  • Dispersion of pigments
  • Metallic bonding processing of powder paints
  • (Vacuum) drying at low temperature with liquid recovery
  • Low-speed mixing of cohesive powders, slurries and liquids
  • Densification of powders
  • Spheronisation of particles
  • Grinding & de-agglomeration
  • Heating and cooling
  • Chemical reactions


  • High intensity mixing and agglomeration of cohesive powders
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Multi processing, like coating, heating, rounding and bonding possible
  • Seals above product zone
  • Available in sizes ranging from 100 ml to 2000 litres

The Cyclomix high-shear impact mixer/agglomerator is available in a wide range of sizes, starting at 100 ml (Mini-Cyclomix) up to 2000 liters product volume. A few standard industrial sizes with their typical characteristics are specified below. Please note that these values are indicative only. Detailed information on these and other sizes and configurations is available on request.

Vessel diameter [mm] 300 530 650 950 1400 1840 2250
Outlet diameter [mm] 80 100 150 200 300 350 400
Height incl. motor [mm] 280 670 713 823 1178 2657 3125
Typical motor power [kW] 0.75 - 5.5 1.5 - 15 4 - 30 11 - 75 30 - 110 45 - 160 65 - 240

Our expert design and engineering team would happily help you specify the right ancillary equipment to compliment the Cyclomix high-shear impact mixer. These ancillaries may include:

  • Suitable for vacuum applications by means of special seal design and addition of a vacuum filter
  • Jacketed vessel and cover for heating or cooling
  • Lubricated or dry-running mechanical seal
  • Liquid injection
  • Sampler
  • Isem ball segment outlet valve
  • Heating and/or cooling skids
  • Torque measurement
  • Lifting device for easy cleaning (special trolleys for the vessel and the rotor are optional)

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