Milling & Classifying

Hosokawa Alpine has been supplying process-technological machines and systems for the manufacture of fine powders for over 120 years. Their milling and classifying machines are employed in numerous applications: for mineral raw materials, in the chemicals industry, for the manufacture of pharmaceutics, cosmetics, foodstuffs and for recycling applications.

Whether you call it size reduction, micronization, milling, pulverizing, jet milling, air milling or simply grinding, Hosokawa Alpine can help. Their broad application expertise allows them to help you select the technology that works best for your application. They are flexible enough to design and supply a complete system for the most unique applications yet our standard offerings are economical and acceptable for most grinding applications.

Mikro ACM classifier mill

Hosokawa Alpine classifiers are designed for easy operation and maintenance. The particle size is easily adjusted by changing classifier speed or airflow while the modular design provides easy access to the classifier's internal components. The unique mechanical designs produces high recovery rates of fine particles, up to 90%. The streamlined component designs results in lower pressure drop and subsequently leads to lower energy consumption and lower operating costs.

Each and every substance poses special demands of the processing system: to meet these demands, Hosokawa Alpine produce tailor-made solutions. Their wide range of different mills and classifier models permits selection of the most suitable machine type for the task in hand under consideration of technical and economical aspects as well as high energy efficiency. Trials in their Germany based test centre on the material to be processed make it possible to lay out and optimize the process long before the actual investment decision is made.