Mini Cyclomix lab mixer

Stand-alone lab mixer with exchangeable product bowls

The Mini Cyclomix lab mixer is a high shear batch mixer with exchangeable product bowls of 0.1, 1 or 2 litres, based on the principles of the Cyclomix. It's especially suitable for pharmaceutical applications such as blending DPI formulations.

Mini Cyclomix lab mixer Mini Cyclomix lab mixer Mini Cyclomix lab mixer Mini Cyclomix lab mixer Mini Cyclomix lab mixer Mini Cyclomix lab mixer

The mixer uses a combination of impact mixing and shear mixing. The product is rotated by an agitator with paddles and a knife blade. The rotational movement applies centrifugal forces on the powder particles. This force moves the particles upwards along the wall of the conical vessel. At the top of the cone, the specially formed dome guides the particles downwards again through the centre of the vessel. This flow pattern is combined with a rotational pattern.

Most of the mechanical energy is applied by the paddles at the wall of the vessel using the total cone surface. This large surface area in relation to the product volume makes the Mini Cyclomix very efficient compared with other high shear blenders, resulting in a homogeneous blend with minimum input of mechanical energy. By adjusting the mixing speed and time the Cyclomix can also perform other processes like coating, bonding, rounding or densification, making it a very versatile device.

  • Exchangeable product bowls, volumes 0.1, 1 or 2 litres
  • Perfect dispersion of fines due to the combination of impact and shear mixing
  • Accurate temperature control with jacketed vessels
  • Rounding-off or densification of particles possible
  • Single layer coating achievable
  • Create homogeneous mixture without lumps
  • Reproducible processes
  • Filling rates between 30-100% with the conical vessel
  • Full discharge through the central bottom discharge valve
  • Offline filling and discharging possible, e.g. in an isolator
  • Sterile and CIP/SIP execution possible

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