System Solutions

Hosokawa Micron provides a powerful combination of powder processing solutions that takes advantage of Hosokawa Micron Group's extensive organisational structure and wide-ranging process technologies.

These processing solutions encompass innovatively-designed and expertly-engineered mixing, drying, agglomeration, milling and containment technologies, as well as ancillary equipment, assembly, commissioning, on-site training and process optimisation.

From concept to commissioning

We have a wide range of high-quality individual technologies for you to choose from, but what we pride ourselves on the most, is our ability to help and support our customers from concept to commissioning and beyond. We enjoy working in close collaboration with our clients, and would happily help you find the optimum solution for your specific process requirements.

Powder agglomeration system

3D illustration of a powder agglomeration system

State-of-the-art powder processing solutions

We specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative technologies for powder processing in a number of industries, including chemicals, minerals & metals, food and pharma. By focusing on these over the years, we have developed in-depth and unparalleled experience and know-how that we enjoy sharing with our customers.

Put our expertise to the test

Our experts enjoy working with your experts to come up with cost-effective and innovative process solutions. We have built extensive test facilities in multiple locations all over the world for this very reason: to provide you with somewhere to test Hosokawa's technologies in combination with your own specific products. These state-of-the-art test facilities can also be used for toll processing, pilot processing and laboratory analysis, so why not put our expertise to the test.

Customer service excellence

At Hosokawa Micron, we fully understand the importance of customer service and have worked hard to provide valuable after-sales services. As part of these services, we like to share our long history of precision engineering, in-depth know-how and extensive experience of powder processing to provide troubleshooting, on-site training, repair & maintenance services, process optimisation and on-going customer support.