Powder finisher

The Hosokawa powder finisher is a high capacity continuous de-agglomerator (crusher) that can be used to process bulk powder flows. The Hosokawa powder finisher works using a high-speed rotor over a screen assembly to create collision forces and friction for efficient and fast de-agglomeration. 

The finisher is available for testing. 50 to 100 kg with a density of 0.5 kg/l are required.

Hosokawa powder finisher

The base powder is fed in doses into the rotor chamber. As soon as the product reaches the rotor, it is forced through the sieve plate in the bottom section of the finisher at high speed. Coarser particles which cannot fit through the sieve are then broken by the impact of the rotor.


Depending on the characteristics of the powder, (texture and grain size) the Hosokawa powder finisher can crush powders to anything ranging from 500 to 2000 microns. The Hosokawa powder finisher processes powders with a capacity of up to 40 m³ per hour.

  • Compact design
  • High capacity
  • Suitable for a large range of powders with different characteristics (fatty, brittle, etc)
  • Quiet and vibration-free operation
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning
  • Designs available in compliance with ATEX zone 2-22, cGMP and FDA
  • Custom-designs and mobile frames available on request
  • Suitable for use in pneumatic conveying systems
  • Different rotor speeds and seals available on request

The Hosokawa powder finisher is available in two main designs: the FD series, which is a heavy duty design with a bearing on both sides for high stability at high capacities, and the FS series with a bearing on just the side of the motor. This makes it easier to mount an inspection hatch, and simplifies inspection and cleaning, as well as easy removal of the sieve and rotor without having to extract the full finisher from the process line. The inspection hatch can be locked electrically or bolted.

Dimensions standard finishers

FD finisher FS Finisher
FD Finisher FS Finisher


Type LxB [mm] C [mm] D [mm] Motor [kW] Capacity [tons/h]
5-FD-22 200 x 200 300 150 3 4
8-FD-34 300 x 300 450 225 5.5 7
16-FD-34 580 x 300 450 225 7.5 10
8-FD-48 400 x 400 555 277.5 11 14
16-FD-48 770 x 400 555 277.5 15 18
5-FS-22 195 x 245 300 150 3 4
8-FS-34 295 x 936 450 225 5.5 7

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