This section provides information about how HMBV focuses on being a sustainable company and attractive employer.

  • Our people

    Characteristics of the employees

    Below are the number of employees, hires and turnover rate.

    Number of employees 186
    Leavers (headcount *) 14
    Retired 5
    FTE 169
    Hires (headcount) 26
    Male 158
    Female 28
    Turnover (%) 7.5

    * The following has been added and/or changed compared to the 2021 Sustainability Report:

    • Hires include employees on temporary contracts, as these are considered employees and have therefore been added to the figures.
    • 2022 turnover includes solely voluntary leavers. We changed our approach as voluntary turnover is a more meaningful figure to understand employee retention.
    • 2 of the 5 retirees partly returned to employment at HMBV. 


    Employee retention rate of 90 percent or higher

  • Diversity & equal opportunity

    There were no incidents of discrimination, including harassment, during the reporting period.

  • Training, education and skills development

    HMBV attaches great importance to the education and training of its employees.

    Average expenses on employee training per full-time equivalent (fte) within the reporting period k (euros) 1.01
    Total expenses on employee training k (euros) 170.16



    100% of the employees who need training for their function will have received it by 2030

  • Occupational health & safety

    Occupational health and safety is of utmost importance to HMBV.

    Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) 3.5 6 6.2
    Lost time injury (LTI) (#) 1 2 2
    Total recordable injuries (TRI) (#) 2 6 5
    Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate (TRIFR) 2.08 5.62 4.37
    Minor injuries and accidents (#) 0 0 4



    100% of management and employees must be trained in safety by 2030

  • Work stoppages

    No major work stoppages occurred within the reporting period.

  • Forced & child labour

    No incidents of forced or compulsory labour and/or trafficking for the purpose of forced or compulsory labour, i.e. human trafficking, were identified within HMBV's workforce during the reporting period.

    No incidents of child labour were identified within HMBV's workforce during the reporting period.

  • Supplier environment & social assessment

    HMBV attaches great importance to the sustainability of its suppliers. For this reason, a self-assessment form has been developed to determine the sustainability of its suppliers. This is in order to reach the target of '60% self-assessment or audit of suppliers by 2030'. Currently, 22% of critical suppliers have completed the self-assessment form. HMBV aims to increase this percentage to 100% by the end of 2023. Over time, HMBV will also support its suppliers to register with EcoVadis.

    Sustainable procurement

    Our current sustainability procurement rate is 25%. 


    Increase the sustainability procurement rate to 60% by 2030


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