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With the meat industry under growing pressure to reduce its impact on the environment, drying split hides is an effective way for companies to contribute to sustainability targets while also turning a side stream into a high-value commercial product. After all, split hides collagen from cows and pigs is an important source of animal-based protein. The DMR flash drying system is very suitable for drying hydrolyzed skin collagen and it achieves considerable savings compared to other typical drying equipment.

Split hides collagen comes from the 'second skin' of animals such as cows and pigs and it is a very important source of alternative animal-based protein. Hydrolyzed collagen is an essential ingredient in a wide range of Food applications, including sausages, burgers, nuggets and many other processed products. Besides being a nutritious source of animal-based protein in various types of food, it also has the property to bind moisture, creating a satisfyingly firm, juicy bite in meat- and fish-based products.

A typical system for processing split hides into collagen:

Chopper > Decanter > DMR flash mill dryer

  • Chopper: Reduces the size of the split hides to approx. 3mm flakes.
  • Decanter: Defatting in preparation for the dryer.
  • DMR flash mill dryer: The flakes are dried, milled and classified in one machine, saving time, energy and costs.

Selecting the right drying system

The rendering process in the chopper results in small, tough white flakes. They are then decanted or 'defatted'. However, hydrolyzed collagen is notoriously difficult to handle in wet feed, slurry or cake, exhibiting poor flow characteristics and a cohesive tendency. It is also temperature sensitive, which means it is critical to select the right drying solution.

Drying, milling & classification in one machine

DMR flash mill dryer

Thanks to its unique design, the Hosokawa DMR flash dryer enables the precise adjustment of a wide range of parameters – including the RPM of the mill disc, the classifier, the suction fan, the feed rate and the inlet and outlet temperature – to carefully manage the exposure time inside the drying chamber. This maintains the optimal product temperature as the particles pass upwards from the mill disc at the bottom to the rotating classifying wheel at the top of the chamber.

The DMR mill dryer is also available with various mill discs and liners to adjust the amount of shear and particle size in line with the required coarseness when drying defatted skin collagen from split hides (bovine, porcine). The end product is high-quality non-hydrolyzed collagen meal – a fibrous, grainy powder with the desired characteristics for numerous food applications.

Split hides collagen and sustainability

Sustainable drying systems for split hides collagen

Drying split hides enables companies in the meat industry to reduce waste and their carbon footprint by converting a side stream into a non-hydrolyzed collagen meal that has numerous uses in the food industry as animal-based protein and a binder. The use of the DMR flash drying system in this process further improves the environmental benefits. By design, the DMR requires less thermal energy per kilogram of evaporated water than conventional ring dryers, resulting in both cost savings and a more environmentally friendly operation. Moreover, by combining drying, milling and classification in a single unit of equipment, the DMR flash dryer simplifies the process, saving time, minimizing the footprint and reducing the operational costs.

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Need help setting up your process?

Hosokawa Micron powder processing Test Centre in Doetinchem, Netherlands

Hosokawa Micron's experts in powder processing, drying and milling technology can provide suggestions and advice to help you take full advantage of the rapid growth in the use of split hides collagen.

Our development and engineering team is always on hand to help you explore new and innovative processes and applications. Testing is the foundation for a successful product or process. Our test facilities in the Netherlands offer outstanding opportunities to test ingredients, machinery, parameters and process flows, whether in the laboratory, as a pilot set-up or on an industrial scale, to ensure you achieve the necessary product quality and operating efficiency to generate the maximum return on investment for your business.

We also have rental equipment available for batch drying.


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Hosokawa Micron B.V. is certified according to ISO 14001. Our certification covers all environmental themes of ISO 14001: air, soil, energy, waste, water, noise and hazardous substances. In addition, Hosawa Micron was awarded an EcoVadis Silver Medal for its sustainability achievements. EcoVadis determined that the company was among the top 15% of companies rated by EcoVadis in the special machinery industry.

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