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Our commitment:

By integrating processing machinery with an efficient control system infrastructure, Hosokawa Micron maximizes value by reducing downtime and costs through analysis, reporting, and notification mechanisms. We always apply the latest standards such as EN-IEC 60204-1 and EN-IEC 60079-14 for the electrical installation, EN-ISO 13849-1 for safety-related control matters on our machines and IEC 61511/IEC 61508 to ensure process safety.


  1. Understand
    Our sales and technical teams work closely with customers to understand their needs and objectives and to develop solutions to meet their specific requirements.

  2. Motivate
    We work with our customers to find the ideal solution. We bring our technical expertise to the table to provide the customer with knowledge of state of the art architectures for the particular process, taking into account the customer's objectives and constraints.

  3. Develop
    Our design teams work out a comprehensive solution with electrical systems and detailed architecture to optimize for the parameters of the customer's objectives.

  4. Implement
    Our teams are responsible for providing the right building blocks, and service to deploy the hardware and software infrastructure at the customer site with full testing, quality checks, and procedures.

  5. Support
    Through online and on-demand on-site support and annual maintenance contracts, our customer service teams enable and resolve our customers' technical and business support needs for integrated automation solutions.


To comply with FDA regulations (including CFR 21 Part 11 for the pharmaceutical market), the operation of the automation system must be validated. A number of things have been laid down in the FDA regulations and in order to comply, the industry has come together to develop and record 'Good Automation Manufacturing Practice' (GAMP). Our engineers often work to GAMP.

GAMP proposes to go through phases. Some resulting documents that will be delivered:

  • Functional or Technical Specification (FS)
  • Functional Design Specification (FDS)
  • Hardware Design Specification (HDS) / Software Design Specification (SDS)
  • Factory Acceptance Test Plan(FAT) and Site Acceptance Test Plan (SAT)
  • Installation Qualification (IQ) Validation
  • Operational Qualification (OQ) Validation


Automation & Control

Our batch processing systems provide rigid solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and minerals industries. Hosokawa Micron understands the customer's needs and implements the best solution for the customer's primary objectives. In the area of process solutions, Hosokawa Micron can provide a range of batch-oriented equipment components and systems. To control this equipment, we use the ISA S88 method to provide guidelines for the design and specification of batch control systems.

Our continuous processes require control of uncompromising quality to ensure that the process is controlled safely and reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our systems are therefore built using only Class A brands. Together with our control system partners, we have years of experience in putting together the right configuration for your process.


Hosokawa Micron B.V. offers a choice of three control systems. The first two are highly developed standards within our company.

  1. Delta control system
  2. Siemens control system
  3. Customized control system

Delta control system
The Delta control system is a simple, low cost, fixed control system. This control system is very useful for small and straightforward systems. Remote service is not available with this system.

Recipe management

Siemens control system
The Siemens control system is a system that really brings your process to life. Within this control system we have developed a comprehensive standard, with a high degree of flexibility within this standard. Any type of batch process can be controlled within this standard. Remote service is available for this system.

Customized control system
We can also meet your control system requirements (brand, philosophy) outside of our two standards.


Remote support

Remote Support is an essential part of industrial automation to resolve machine downtime, manage processes and get production up and running in less time. During the Covid pandemic, when travel was severely restricted, remote service ensured that we could continue to serve our customers despite travel restrictions. Engineers can do everything they would normally do – such as programming, modifying and monitoring PLCs, HMIs and robots – from anywhere, with any device. This saves support costs and increases machine availability.


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Hosokawa Micron B.V. is certified according to ISO 14001. Our certification covers all environmental themes of ISO 14001: air, soil, energy, waste, water, noise and hazardous substances. In addition, Hosawa Micron was awarded an EcoVadis Silver Medal for its sustainability achievements. EcoVadis determined that the company was among the top 15% of companies rated by EcoVadis in the special machinery industry.

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