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The Modulomix is a continuous mixer designed for processing fine and cohesive powders. Thanks to its high tip speeds, it is very effective at dispersing materials in a short amount of time. It can be used for low, medium, or high shear applications in the chemical, food, mineral, metal, and pharmaceutical industries.

The Modulomix horizontal paddle mixer was designed to be compact, with fast reactivity, minimal residue, and quick start-up and shutdown protocols. It produces homogeneous mixtures with little change to PSD or temperature. It is capable of extremely high heat transfer efficiency, thanks to the close contact between the material and the heated inner surface.

The Modulomix is also a modular mixer; meaning that if a mixing process consists of multiple mixing steps, which require different mixing regimes, this can easily be overcome by cascading multiple Modulomix units in series.

Working principle

The Modulomix horizontal paddle mixer consists of a horizontal cylindrical process chamber in which a paddle agitator rotates. The paddles are mounted on a shaft and rotate at a fixed distance from the process chamber wall. The powder is moved back and forth in the chamber by paddles for a more efficient mixing process.

Its intensive agitation regime creates a perfect mixture with extremely short residence times, making it ideal for small quantities. Short residence times also ensure a beneficial increase in energy efficiency. Although high shear forces can be applied to the mixture, attrition effects from impact forces are limited.

The Modulomix is fast and can be adapted to varying mixing conditions thanks to its adjustable rotor speed and the design of its agitator blades. For example, mixing Mg-stearate requires a different mixing regime than drug blending. This can be solved by cascading multiple Modulomix mixers in series.

The Modulomix is also ideal for coating applications. In many cases, difficult-to-wet proteins can be instantized with the addition of less than 1% lecithin surfactant. In a similar process, calcium carbonate materials can be encapsulated or effectively rendered insoluble with a coating of less than 1% stearate powder.

  • Key features
    • Fast, homogeneous mixing
    • Flexible and adaptable
    • Short residence times
    • Very limited temperature increase
    • Fast response time
    • Capacity of 2 kg/h to 200 kg/h
    • Virtually no need for up-scaling
    • Variable shear conditions
    • Compact design
    • Low residual materials (even after an emergency stop)
    • Excellent cleanability
    • Optional: Sequential mixing with multiple mixers
    • Optional: Heating and cooling jacket
    • Optional: Sanitary construction
    • Optional: Integration with PAT tools
  • Applications

    The Modulomix horizontal paddle mixer is suitable for a wide range of process applications, including:

    • Dry powder mixing
    • Hydrating difficult to wet powders
    • Slurry mixing
    • Coating
    • Sterilization
    • Crystallization
    • Agglomeration / granulation
    • Homogenization
    • De-lumping and finishing
  • Models

    The Modulomix horizontal paddle mixer is available in several models. Their typical characteristics are described below. Please note that these values are indicative only. Detailed information is available on request.

    Capacity (bulk density 0.5 kg/l) [kg/h] 2.5 - 120 10 - 480 15 - 750 22.5 - 1080
    Typical motor power [kW] 1.6 7.5 11 15
  • Ancillaries

    Our design and engineering team can help you to design a full continuous blending system, including all necessary ancillary equipment:

    • PTS sytems
    • Hicoflex systems
    • LIW (Loss in Weight) feeders
    • PAT (Process Analytical Technology) technologies
    • (Wet) Granulators
    • Dryers
    • Compactors
    • CIP (Clean-In-Place) skids
    • SIP (Sterilization-In-Place) skids
    • Control systems
    • Tablet presses
  • Systems

    Pharma mixing system

    The Modulomix horizontal paddle mixer is designed to offer flexibility and adaptability as part of any continuous mixing system. With help from our expert engineers, you will have no trouble specifying the best possible solution for all your powder processing requirements.

    The Modulomix is a very compact mixer that can be integrated into all Hosokawa Micron continuous mixing systems. This means that you can combine the Modulomix with Powder Transfer Systems (PTS), Loss-in-Weight (LIW) feeders, continuous mixers, PAT technologies and even downstream processing such as (wet) granulation and/or compaction.

    As you can see in the flow diagram, thanks to the special inlet device on Modulomix 1, up to 3 different products can be fed into inlet 1 at the same time. If required, you can also dose additional product(s) via inlet 2 on Modulomix 1, and all these ingredients will be mixed efficiently by Modulomix 1, usually under high shear conditions. The lubricant can then be added through inlet 3 of Modulomix 1, which is connected directly to inlet 1 of Modulomix 2. Modulomix 2 typically has lower shear conditions (required for the lubricant) to create the perfect final mixture.

    Modulomix continuous pharma mixing system

    The final mixture leaves the mixing system via a specially designed PAT chute. Different PAT devices can be inserted to enable continuous control of the quality of the mixture.

    A Modulomix pharma mixing system can be complemented with:

    • Refill system for pharma-feeders
    • Reliable and accurate pharma-feeders (set point deviation ≤ 3%)
    • Specially designed filling system for dosing multiple feeder inputs into the mixing system
    • Specially designed PAT chute and PAT monitoring device(s)
    • Specially designed on-spec/off-spec downstream switches
    • Specially designed downstream off-spec bins
    • Complete and PAT integrated controls (GAMP5)
    • Easy connection to any downstream processing (granulation, tablet press, compactor etc.)


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