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The Nauta Minimix is a gentle conical screw mixer, specially developed for R&D work. It offers high quality powder mixtures without the risk of product distortion. Its mixing results offer reliable process information to scale up your process to a production level. The design of the Minimix is based on the Nauta conical screw mixer, the most common mixing technology for high accuracy and gentle mixing of free flowing powders and pastes. The Nauta Minimix is available in three sizes; 5, 10 and 20 litres.

Working principle

Working principle Nauta Minimix

The Nauta Minimix is a convective mixer with high mixing efficiency, gentle on the product and it guarantees the highest level of mixing accuracy without product distortion.

The mixing effect is achieved by a rotating mixing screw and orbit arm. The rotating cantilevered mixing screw conveys the product from the bottom of the vessel to the product surface. The mixing screw is suspended from an orbital arm which takes the mixing screw along the conical vessel wall, causing a convective mixing effect of particles.

When recirculated by gravity in a conical vessel, the speed of particles in the downwards mass flow increases as the vessel diameter decreases. These simultaneous actions result in fast and intensive mixing with low power consumption and high mixing accuracy.

  • Applications
    • Gentle mixing of free flowing, fragile and/or segregative powders
    • Mixing of pastes and slurries
    • Liquid addition to powders and pastes
    • Temperature treatment, cooling / heating
    • Reactor vessel in pressurized / vacuum conditions (special option)
    • Live hopper for sticky or segregative products
  • Models

    The Nauta Minimix is a stand-alone mixer with support frame and controls, available in 3 sizes and 2 types.

    Model (with fixed feet)[-]005-FFC-50010-FFC-50020-FFC-50
    Vessel water filling volume [l] 5 10 20
    Vessel powder filling volume [l] 4.2 8.4 16.5
    Vessel height [mm] 1140 1140 1140
    Total height [mm] 1710 1710 1710
    Outlet to floor (feet/wheels) [mm] 492 / 582 439 / 529 286 / 376
    Frame width [mm] 760 760 760
    Typical motor power [kW] 0.18 0.18 0.18

    Each size is available in 2 different types:

    Type A

    Atmospheric execution, standard equipped with:

    • Combined drive system
    • Forced stainless steel vessel with quick release fasteners for easy disassembly
    • Stainless steel cover with half hinged acrylic cover for charging
    • Stainless steel support frame, prepared for fork truck transportation
    • Manually operated ball valve
    • Full controls incl. PLC and frequency converter

    Type D

    For hazardous and thermal applications, standard equipped with:

    • Combined drive system
    • Welded stainless steel vessel with O-ring sealing and fixed vessel connection
    • Stainless steel cover with DN100/150 charging opening with tri-clamp fastener
    • Stainless steel support frame, prepared for fork truck transportation
    • Manually operated ball valve
    • Full controls incl. PLC and frequency converter


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