for Powders & Bulk Solids


As a global developer, manufacturer and 'one-stop shop' supplier of powder processing systems and plants, Hosokawa Micron provides a wide range of both batch drying and continuous drying technologies. We carefully select, configure and integrate all the components and processes in order to ensure the optimal functionality, quality and efficiency of your drying system.

Bespoke drying systems

Hosokawa Micron offers a broad spectrum of drying technologies. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we are the ideal partner to transform your drying operation into a bespoke powder processing system, from incoming base ingredients to final products.

Drying system for powders & bulk solids


Ensuring a constant feed rate to the dryer is an integral part of a drying system, especially in the case of continuous drying. Hosokawa Micron offers reliable feeding systems to ensure optimal efficiency of the drying process and excellent end-product consistency.


Hosokawa Micron offers a wide range of innovative drying technologies for batch as well as continuous operations, including vacuum drying, freeze drying and flash drying of products such as powders, pastes, slurries and liquids.

Process air heaterHeating / cooling

We provide skids for heating or cooling the drying equipment and for cooling ancillaries. A process air heater can be selected depending on utilities, such as steam, electricity or gas.

Condenser / vacuum skidVacuum skid

One way to eliminate large vacuum pump systems or to reduce solvent emissions is to install a condenser in combination with a receptacle. The condenser can be placed either before or after the vacuum pump, depending on the liquid to be evaporated. Plate exchangers are a good choice due to their heat transfer performance and volume, while hairpin condensers may be preferred if cleaning is a critical consideration.

End product recovery

The optimal solution for collecting the fine powder after drying depends on numerous product characteristics such as fineness, density, temperature and explosivity/flammability as well as process parameters such as the material/gas concentration. At Hosokawa Micron, we help you to select the right option – such as a filter or a cyclone – for your specific application. All our process systems comply with the latest ATEX directives to prevent dust explosions.

Control panelControls & process automation

Hosokawa Micron's drying systems include optimally integrated hardware and software controls to ensure consistently high product quality under varying circumstances. We can provide ergonomic and visual HMI-PLC panels including lot traceability, operator identification, remote service, alerts and customized data reports to give you full insight into your production processes.


Our research and testing facilities contain a wide choice of drying equipment for the most varied plant configurations. Our skilled and knowledgeable experts are available to determine the best possible drying solution for your process, ensuring that all your requirements are met.

These state-of-the-art test facilities can also be used for toll processing, pilot processing and laboratory analysis, so why not put our expertise to the test!

Over 100 years of experience

Hosokawa Micron has been developing innovative processing equipment and systems for a wide variety of products and markets for more than a century. As a result, we can draw on an unparalleled amount of know-how when designing new drying systems.


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Energy-saving drying systems

Drying is responsible for more than 15% of energy consumption in modern industrial processes. This makes energy efficiency an important factor when designing a drying system for powders and bulk solids. Hosokawa Micron is an expert in developing advanced solids processing systems and we put a lot of our own energy into developing drying systems that will save you energy!

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