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The Flexomix powder agglomeration system is a compact installation for continuous mixing and agglomeration of powders with liquids. Agglomeration, also known as wet granulation or particle size enlargement, offers great opportunities for enhancing physical properties such as solubility, flowability, wettability and dispersibility, bulk density and product appearance.

The granulates it produces have a porous, raspberry-like structure, excellent solubility and superior flow properties. With capacities ranging from 100 to 40,000 kg/h, the Flexomix system can be fully adapted to your specific needs.


The Flexomix agglomeration system is a powerful combination of two proven Hosokawa technologies: the Flexomix continuous mixer / agglomerator and the Schugi fluid bed dryer and cooler. This combined design provides optimal process control and makes it the ultimate powder processing solution.

With this system, porous agglomerates can be made in a range of from 100 to 1,500 microns with a typical D50 value between 200 and 700 microns. This technology is also often referred to as Instant Agglomeration, since the Flexomix is extensively used for the production of instantly soluble agglomerates for food, chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Base powders can be fed as a mixture or as multiple powders in parallel. An accurate, gravimetrical powder feeding subsystem ensures a constant powder/liquid ratio and a liquid dosing skid ensures accurate flow control and a constant powder/liquid ratio in the agglomerator. The liquid skid can be equipped with a stirrer or a heated tank for example, or in the case of solution binders, a preparation tank.


Flexomix powder and solids agglomerator

At the heart of the Hosokawa continuous agglomeration technology is the unique Flexomix agglomerator. The Flexomix is widely used for agglomeration processes because of its reliability, simplicity, compact design and maximum process flexibility to produce the agglomerates required.

The Flexomix allows for homogeneous mixing of powders and liquids. To achieve this, the Flexomix has a flexible mixing chamber and a shaft with pitch-adjustable mixing blades that rotate at high speed.

Powders and liquids can be fed into the unit through top inlet(s) using air atomizers which combine with turbulent air flow inside the mixer's vertical chamber, mixes powdery and liquid particles intensively and instantaneously.


Schugi fluid bed dryer and cooler

Within less than a second, wet agglomerates are formed, which fall under the influence of gravity into the static fluid bed dryer below. Here, the agglomerates are dried, cooled and conveyed to the product classifying section for preparation of the final product.

After classification the product is split into on-size, over-size an (if needed) fines material. Over-size material can be crushed and fines can be reprocessed if applicable. On-size agglomerates can be stored in big bags or transported to a final packaging line. This whole process takes place in continuous mode.

The performance and functionality of the fluid bed in combination with the air treatment section is an important part of the agglomeration process as this can have a direct impact on the level of agglomeration and product quality.


Controls & Process Automation for Powder and Solids Processing Systems

Hosokawa Micron's systems include optimally integrated hardware and software controls to ensure consistently high product quality under varying circumstances. We can provide ergonomic and visual HMI-PLC panels including lot traceability, operator identification, remote service, alerts and customized data reports to give you full insight into your production processes.

By integrating processing machinery with an efficient control system infrastructure, Hosokawa Micron maximizes value by reducing downtime and costs through analysis, reporting, and notification mechanisms.

  • Key features
    • Excellent mixing effect
      Flexomix end products are homogenous from sample to sample. Because all ingredients are mixed instantaneously, de-mixing of powders cannot occur. Each sample has a uniform dispersion of liquid(s) and solids that is beyond the capability of conventional mixers.
    • Self-cleaning
      The external roller cage massages the outside of the mixing chamber to prevent build-up of product on the inside.
    • Flexible
      As product life cycles shorten, production facilities need to be able to switch easily to the manufacture of other types of products. The Flexomix is designed to handle a wide range of different materials with varying product properties.
    • Low manpower requirements
      Thanks to the operation of the Flexomix in continuous processing mode, productivity is high and manpower requirements are low. The process is operator-insensitive.
    • Maintenance-friendly construction
      The clever design of the Flexomix, with a single rotating shaft plus blades and the external roller cage, reduces the maintenance effort. It can be disassembled in less than two minutes and the liquid injectors are easy to remove.
  • Applications

    The Flexomix powder agglomeration system is suitable for a wide range of process applications, including:

    • Modification of starch
    • Agglomeration of veterinary antibiotics
    • Agglomeration pesticide formulae
    • Agglomeration of fine powders for compaction
    • Hydration of phosphates
    • Production of detergent powders
    • Finishing of filter cakes
    • Instantizing of cocoa drink powder
    • Addition of cross-linking agents to Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP)
    • Humidifying products (e.g. pesticides) before extrusion
  • Models

    Schugi fluid bed dryers/coolers are available in sizes (air distribution plate area) ranging from 0.25 m² to > 20 m². The required size of the dryer/cooler is generally determined in our Test Centre and depends on product throughput, evaporation capacity, particle size distribution, air temperatures and final product temperature.

    The Flexomix mixer/agglomerator is available in six sizes. Their typical characteristics are described below. Please note that these values are indicative only. Detailed information is available on request.

    Model[-] FXD-
    Length [mm] 520 702 976 976 1270 1270
    Width [mm] 650 620 880 880 1100 1100
    Height incl. motor [mm] 1265 1500 1967 1967 2270 2910
    Capacity (bulk
    density 0.5 kg/l)
    [kg/h] 100 -
    250 -
    800 -
    2000 -
    3000 -
    8000 -
    Typical motor power [kW] 3 7.5 7.5 - 10 11 - 15 22 - 45 37 - 75
  • Systems

    When designing a powder agglomeration system, it is important that agglomeration is not treated as a stand-alone process. That's why our experts work closely with your team to design an integral production concept that meets your broader needs – both today and in the future. Our approach is based around the clear definition and careful consideration of each individual process step, including storage, conveying, charging, mixing, agglomeration, drying, cooling, discharging, sieving, packing and more. This results in a tailor-made agglomeration system solution that is optimally engineered for you.

    Powder agglomeration system

  • Components

    The Flexomix continuous powder agglomeration system is a powerful combination of a number of functionalities:

    • Powder handling system
    • Powder dosing system
    • Binder dosing system(s): water, steam, and other liquids
    • Flexomix mixer and agglomerator (FX)
    • Schugi fluid bed dryer and cooler (FBD)
    • Air system including blower and heating/cooling equipment
    • Air exhaust system including cyclone and filter
    • Product classification and size crusher (if necessary)
    • State-of-the-art integrated control system


Hosokawa Micron is an expert in developing advanced solids processing systems and we put a lot of our own energy into developing agglomeration systems that will save you energy. The Flexomix powder agglomeration system, for example, uses about 35% less energy, compared with a spray tower!


Hosokawa Micron powder processing Test Centre in Doetinchem (Netherlands)

Our Test and Process Development Centre in the Netherlands offers unique possibilities for testing your product to determine the most efficient process, ystem or plant prior to final design. We can provide laboratory-level as well as production-sized trials.

Whether you wish to test a single machine or a complete powder processing system, the same skilled and experienced staff are here to help ensure that your requirements are met, and that you are entirely satisfied with the results.

We offer process equipment and technologies from individual units to large scale bespoke system solutions. Our principle is to deliver high performance yet affordable solutions that meet our customers' demands and long term challenges.


To learn more about our powder and solids agglomeration systems, contact us:



Hosokawa Micron B.V. is certified according to ISO 14001. Our certification covers all environmental themes of ISO 14001: air, soil, energy, waste, water, noise and hazardous substances. In addition, Hosawa Micron was awarded an EcoVadis Silver Medal for its sustainability achievements. EcoVadis determined that the company was among the top 15% of companies rated by EcoVadis in the special machinery industry.

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