Unique continuous mixer and agglomerator

The Flexomix is a compact, vertical, in-line gravity-flow mixer/agglomerator ideal for use in the production of, increasingly popular, products such as detergents, pesticides, water-soluble polymers, fine chemicals, veterinary/bulk pharmaceuticals, milk replacers, instant soups, beverages and sauces. The Flexomix achieves excellent product uniformity, due to the avoidance of demixing, in the almost instantaneous blending of all ingredients.

Gentle processing

Capable of handling high volumes of product the Flexomix can operate with minimal operator intervention. Dry powders can be processed with liquids added via atomizing nozzles to form non compacted, granular products which are uniform and very free flowing, particularly when accurate feeding equipment is incorporated into the system. So-called instant products, which dissolve quickly, can be produced using the Flexomix with the benefit that its gentle processing ensures dust free products.

Simple construction

The machines simple construction, with one central rotating shaft fitted with adjustable blades and located in a vertical, flexible chamber offers maintenance and cleaning advantages. The shaft speed is variable from 1,000 to 3,500 rpm and a set of pneumatically operated, external rollers continuously flex the mixing chamber keeping it clear of build up and maintaining the mixing condition.

Schugi® Flexomix

Valuable features:

  • Residence time 0.2 - 1.0 seconds: precise dozing
  • Aerated mixing chamber
  • Less than 10% product in mixer
  • Self cleaning
  • High throughput for its size
  • Adjustable mixing elements
  • Tip velocity 20 - 50 m/s

Low power requirement

Power requirement is low as there is only a small amount of product is in the mixing chamber at any one time and the unit can be fully disassembled for major cleaning or product changes in just 2 minutes.

Total solution

Complete systems, including a final fluidized bed drier for use when wet agglomerates are produced, can be designed and supplied by Hosokawa Micron. The unit is supported by full test facilities for product evaluation. There is a wealth of data already available on many materials, plus operating experience from several hundred systems throughout the world to enable companies to assess the potential benefits of using the Schugi® Flexomix.