Cyclomix line extension

Hosokawa Micron is launching a new concept for mid-size Cyclomix high shear powder mixing systems with exchangeable product bowls of 5 litres and 15 litres. Based on the successful Cyclomix technology, this concept will provide even more versatility for customers.

The systems will be available with a range of options allowing users to select the optimal configuration. Thanks to exchangeable 5-litre and 15-litre product bowls, customers can use a single drive unit with ancillaries and only need to adjust the product bowl to suit their needs.

The modular design includes options for:

  • Cooling by tap water or water chiller
  • Standard or pharma control system
  • Lip seal or mechanical seal for the rotor
  • Standalone or 'through the wall' design
  • Lift to support bowl changing

This system will fit into the Cyclomix range in between the Mini Cyclomix for R&D purposes and the larger Cyclomix concept which is suitable for bowls of 50 litres, 75 litres and 100 litres.

Mini Cyclomix lab mixer50-litre Cyclomix pharma mixing system