Powder Processing in Agrochemicals

There are several challenges in the powder processing of agrochemicals. Challenges include not only reaching the requirements of the end product but also how to achieve this in a safe manner. Products can be dangerous when inhaled or, when not processed in a correct way, they can pose an explosion hazard.

Hosokawa Micron recently hosted a free educational webinar, focusing on powder processing technologies used in the production of crop protecting agents, including their challenges and safety aspects. Some processes covered are drying, mixing, milling, and agglomeration (wet granulation).

If you have missed it, the recording is available to watch online.

This webinar is recommended for professionals in the agrochemical industry with an interest in learning more about powder processing equipment and safety aspects during the production of crop protecting agents.

The webinar consists of a presentation of 40 minutes by application expert Mrs. Allet Krug-Polman and concluded with a question & answer forum.

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