Recipe for a Perfect Lab: 4 Key Ingredients

Accurate and dependable equipment is the foundation for a perfect laboratory. Hosokawa believes there are key ingredients critical to this recipe – precision analysis tools and reliable processing systems. Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems recently hosted a webinar focusing on these important laboratory devices.

  • Particle Size Analysis with the Mikro Air Jet Sieve® MAJSx
  • Powder Characterization with the Powder Tester PT-X
  • Fine Grinding with the Mikro LPM® Laboratory Pin Mill
  • Gentle Powder Mixing with the Micron Labomixer LV-1

This program is about 45 minutes long and conclude with a question and answer session. Anyone working in a laboratory environment or processing powder materials will benefit from this webinar.

Mikro Air Jet Sieve® MAJSx: A highly accurate and reliable particle size analyzer which is instrumental in determining the particle size distribution of dry powder ranging from 20 µm / # 635 (mesh) to 4750 µm / # 4 (mesh).

Micron Powder Characteristics Tester PT-X: Is key in determining the “Flowability & Floodability” of dry powders with 11 different test functions.

Mikro® LPM Laboratory Pin Mill: The smallest model in the Universal Mikro Pulverizer line used for small sample grinding of 5 to 100 grams. The device is capable of producing materials down to D97 = 35 μm.

Micron Labomixer LV-1: a laboratory scale conical screw mixer designed to gently mix dry powders and liquid additives in batches up to 2.5 liters.

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