Active Freeze Dryer

Hosokawa's Active Freeze Dryer offers unique possibilities for freeze drying various types of materials in one processing step, always resulting in a fine loose powder which is directly available from the product collector.

Freeze drying (lyophilisation) has been used industrially for decades. However, traditional tray-type freeze dryers are labour intensive. Hosokawa's Active Freeze Drying system eliminates this drawback and is a big step forward in the field of freeze drying thermo-sensitive bulk solids as well as in powder technology in general. Due to the agitated freeze drying process, different product characteristics can be improved without the need of post-processing steps.

Material consistencies can range from solutions, dispersions to paste and even wet solids. The key benefits of this technology are efficiency, minimal handling and a consistent, high product quality. Typical applications include pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, proteins, collagens, APIs and electrolytes.

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