Agglomeration in a nutshell

What is powder agglomeration and why would you do it? Albert Kaptein, process technologist at Hosokawa Micron explains.

Hosokawa Micron provides the solids and bulk handling industry with a wide range of process equipment for the agglomeration of fine powders and particles. Agglomeration, also called wet granulation or particle size enlargement, is a great solution for improving physical properties like flowability, wettability and dispersability, bulk density and product appearance.

When selecting the right agglomeration equipment, there are the properties of the feed material to consider; requirements for final product quality, size, shape and moisture content; production environment, permitted construction materials, energy consumption etc. The amount of feed material will also help determine the need for batch or continuous operation.

With all of this in mind, we know how important it is to receive expert help and the opportunity to test the equipment before you buy. At Hosokawa Micron, we offer our customers use of our extensive testing facilities to help you find the most efficient process, system or plant for your products. We also have an experienced and dedicated engineering team at hand to give you all the support you need.

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