Vitomix - Multi Purpose Mixer

Recent customer trials ably demonstrated the flexibility of the Vitomix ribbon screw mixer when three individual trials were carried out to test a single machine. The first test involved the mixing of two cohesive powders, the second test introduced oils to the mixture whilst retaining its powdery properties and the final test involved the production of a lump-free paste.

Vitomix ribbon screw mixer

The Vitomix can not only cope with difficult applications like producing pastes and homogenising cohesive and non-cohesive powders but it is also suitable for homogenisation of sensitive products like brittle granules or freeze dried products.

Mixing cohesive powders

The first test involved mixing bakery flour and egg powder. Because of the cohesive properties of the egg powder the two ingredients were mixed using medium shear mixing, resulting in a homogenous mixture after only three minutes.

Injection of fluids into flour

Separate tests injecting sunflower oil (up to 20% w/w oil content) into  flour and injecting melted butter into the flour/egg powder mixture resulted in the production of a powdery mixture that showed no sign of dough creation. The timed trial showed that the fluids were completely incorporated within the mixture after only eight minutes.

Lump free paste production

In the final test the Vitomix successfully mixed water with guar gum and Na-CMC which is known for being difficult to mix without the formation of lumps.

The Vitomix is a rapid mix, mid shear mixer and the latest development to the Hosokawa range of conical mixers. Its compact design, being only partly conical in form, compared to the full conical shape of the Nauta® mixer still allows the same mixing volume whilst its higher speed double ribbon screws with their large diameter, creates a faster mixing process which is extremely efficient even at low linear screw speeds.

The Vitomix has two large, multi purpose, high speed lumpbreakers incorporated within the vessel wall which enables liquids to be injected into the batch without undesirable lump formation.

The compact design of the Vitomix means the machine can be utilised where structural height is restricted, with no loss of mixing volume. With eight standard sizes of machine in the range from 500 to 13,000 litres the Vitomix is suitable for a range of applications and throughput capacities.

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