Drymeister (DMR-H): an alternative for spray drying?

Saving energy and thus reducing CO2 emissions is not only a green goal but also a necessity to stay competitive in producing dry products. It should be no surprise, that the best way to save energy is to minimise the amount of water to be evaporated.

In a spray dryer a low viscous slurry is pumped to the top of the spray tower and is atomised either by pressure, pressurized air or a mechanical disc. It is obvious that this limits the possibilities on the feed consistency. In some cases it is even necessary to add water before it can be spray dried. It is easy to recognize that's the ultimate form of wasting energy.

To get around this it's necessary to select a flash mill drying technology that is able to handle a feed material coming out of the mechanical dewatering step directly into the dryer. The Drymeister (DMR) continuous flash mill dryer exactly fulfills this task.

Drymeister (DMR) working principle

At this moment not only new drying processes are evaluated, also in existing processes were the spray dryer is normally used, extensive test programmes have proven that very often the DMR is the smarter choice. The DMR can economise the process because of its ability to handle high solid content feeds, saving time and energy!

Check your existing spray drying process now!

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