CPM/CPD: Jack of all trades

Twenty years of research and development have culminated in the creation of the Conical Paddle Mixer/Conical Paddle Dryer (CPM/CPD) by Hosokawa Micron B.V. The CPM/CPD can be used for mixing, drying and reaction processes. It is compact, quick, efficient and suitable for many applications in a diverse range of industries.

Extensive tests have demonstrated that the CPM/CPD is superior to other technologies currently available on the market in many mixing, drying and reaction processes.

Conical Paddle Mixer/Conical Paddle Dryer (CPM/CPD)

"Development originally started with the intent to improve our existing Nauta vacuum dryer. We wanted a simpler, faster, more compact mixer and dryer," says Dr. Peter van der Wel, R&D Manager. "This resulted in a design that is completely different from the Nauta conical screw mixer/dryer."

Working principle

The central rotor creates a combination of vertical, axial and radial 3D motion in the vessel. The paddles gently guide the product along the vessel wall to the surface of the batch, where it is dispersed before being forced back down by the gravitational pull at the centre of the mixer. This creates continuous motion throughout the complete batch during the entire mixing cycle, even at low speed.

Ultimate versatility

The CPM/CPD combines extremely rapid drying rates with a compact design developed to enable vacuum, atmospheric and pressurized processing of a variety of materials such as powders, filter cakes, viscous slurries and especially brittle materials.

Capable of combining several processes in one vessel, the CPM/CPD has proved successful in a range of applications, including sterilization and pasteurization, high-temperature processing of powders, vacuum drying at low temperatures with liquid recovery, alkalization and crystallization.

Did you know?

The Hosokawa Micron test centre in the Netherlands has units of 20, 150 and 3,000 litres for performing customer tests in practice.