Hosokawa technology for 3D printing market

3D printing requires pure and stable powders, placing high demands on the processing equipment used to make them. Hosokawa offers these process technologies.

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Heat treatment puts ‘clean label’ within reach

Hosokawa's newest innovation can give powdered food products the desired characteristics with a special heat treatment, eliminating the need for additives.

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Drying proteins with the Drymeister

The Drymeister flash dryer has proved a highly successful method of drying vegetal and animal proteins, achieving considerable savings in processing costs.

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New mixing concept for food processing

Hosokawa has introduced a new concept for mixing in the food industry which complements the company's well-known range of Nauta®, Cyclomix and Vitomix mixers.

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New high shear mixing concept

Hosokawa Micron is launching a new concept for mid-size Cyclomix high-shear powder mixing systems with exchangeable product bowls of 5 litres and 15 litres.

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