Hosokawa technologies proven suitable for biopesticides

Hosokawa Micron B.V.'s process technologies are deployed successfully in many manufacturing processes for powdery crop-protecting agents. Recent research has now shown that their vacuum drying and mixing technologies are also suitable for the manufacture of biopesticides.

The market for biopesticides is growing rapidly. To gather more knowledge about biopesticide products and the production processes involved, Hosokawa Micron asked a group of chemical/process engineering students from the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht to conduct research into the subject.

The study concluded that Hosokawa Micron's process technologies can be deployed in many processes for the manufacture of biopesticides, with the low-temperature (vacuum) drying and mixing technologies being particularly suitable.

Test and Development Centre

To help producers when developing new biopesticide products or production processes, Hosokawa Micron offers extensive test and development facilities. Trials can range from laboratory-level to production-scale testing (from 1 up to 6000 litres). A team of skilled and experienced process engineers are available to help determine the most efficient process, system or plant prior to final design.

About Hosokawa Micron B.V.

Based in Doetinchem, the Netherlands, Hosokawa Micron B.V. is specialist in the design, manufacture and supply of process equipment and systems for mixing, drying and agglomeration of dry and wet powders.

Innovation Hub Doetinchem

As part of Hosokawa Micron B.V.'s activities to nurture future talent, they co-founded the 'Innovation Hub Doetinchem'. The purpose of the Innovation Hub is to help educate a new generation of skilled professionals by offering research assignments and internships. Moreover, students provide fresh, new insights and are a continuous source of innovative ideas.

Innovatiehub Doetinchem


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