Following Adebiotech's Insectinov'1 general ground breaking event in France (2014) and two years after Insectinov'2 first international Conference, Insectinov'3 follows the worldwide expansion of insect rearing. The conference will focus on the key issues concerning industrial-scale insect rearing and large-scale production of insects for human and animal nutrition.

The most recent aspects of insect rearing technology, scale-up, economics, regulatory and societal barriers will be discussed, as well as advanced approaches regarding Hygiene, Safety, Risk prevention and Regulatory aspects. Markets and applications in a sustainable and circular economy perspective will also be discussed. Practical guidance and recommandations for the future development of this industry will be proposed further to round-table discussions with experts. The two-day plenary Conference will be followed by a third day of workshops (for registered participants only).

Target audience

  • Industry: start-ups, medium-size and larger companies
  • Academia: research scientists, entomologists, anthropologists, technicians
  • Companies and organizations involved in aquaculture, poultry feed, human/animal food and feed
  • Novel food ingredients experts
  • Engineering companies and equipment suppliers
  • Circular economy and waste recycling players
  • Strategic survey and business development experts
  • Public and private investors
  • Institutional partners involved in safety and sustainable economy
  • Scientific journalists


  • Keynote lecture: Marcel Dicke, UWR Wageningen University
  • An overview of industrial insect rearing worldwide
  • Hygiene, safety and risks prevention
  • Findings from academic research relevant to industrial insect rearing
  • Large-scale insect production: technology limits and solutions
  • Regulatory framework and evolutions
  • Markets: Insects for feed and food - animal and human nutrition
  • Circular economy, environmental and societal impacts

Marcel Dicke: Why not eat insects?

Visitor information

Date: 26 - 28 Nov 2019
Venue: Biocitech Romainville-Grand Paris
Address: 102 avenue Gaston Roussel (ex Route de Noisy)
93230 Romainville