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Many agrochemicals are toxic and come hand in hand with strict storage and labelling requirements, emergency clean-up equipment and procedures, safety equipment and handling procedures as well as directives for use and disposal. The same applies for their production. This is why we have ensured that all of our processing equipment for the production of pesticides tackles the following key considerations: rapid and uniform dispersion in water, stable suspension, dust free & free-flowing granules, storage stability and densification.


Flexomix mixer/agglomerator Flexomix mixer/agglomerator

The result is high-quality solutions that are ideally suited to the production of pesticides:

  • Drying raw materials:
    » Thermo sensitive materials > Nauta® vacuum drying technology
    » Non-thermo sensitive materials > Drymeister flash drying technology
  • Formulation:
    » Buffering / feeding before micronising > Nauta mixing technology
    » Batch mixing active ingredient with filler, etc. > Nauta mixing technology
    » Homogenising after milling / micronising > Nauta mixing technology
  • Formation of Water Dispersible Granules:
    » In agglomerate form > Flexomix continuous agglomeration technology
    » In extrudate form > Flexomix / Bextruder extrusion technology

Water Dispersible Granules

The concept of a water dispersible granule (WDG) combines the benefits of fine powder forms with the benefits of the liquid form. For producing a high qualified WDG pesticide, Hosokawa Micron offers a perfect solution combining a Flexomix, a Bextruder with a fluid bed dryer and a sieving machine enabling the production of WDG pesticides with high a bulk density and a uniform particle size diameter of the granulate of 0.7 mm. Fully-automated controls ensure safe and reliable operation.

Milling & Classifying

Hosokawa Alpine offers complete solutions for the production of pesticides. For example, UPZ fine impact mills and AFG fluidized bed opposed jet mills are used for this purpose. With the AFG, complex pesticide formulations with an active ingredient content of up to 80% can be milled without any problems.


To help producers when developing new (bio)pesticide products or production processes, Hosokawa Micron offers extensive test and development facilities. It offers unique possibilities for testing your product to determine the most efficient process, system or plant prior to final design.

Trials can range from laboratory-level to production-scale testing (from 1 up to 6000 litres). A team of skilled and experienced process engineers are available to help determine the most efficient process, system or plant prior to final design.

We offer process equipment and technologies from individual units to large scale bespoke system solutions. Our principle is to deliver high performance yet affordable solutions that meet our customers' demands and long term challenges.


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Hosokawa Micron B.V. is certified in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2015. This certification requires the implementation of an Environmental Management System consisting of requirements to ensure that all processes related to the environment are routinely identified, assessed and managed. The certification of Hosokawa Micron covers all environmental themes of ISO 14001: air, soil, energy, waste, water, noise and hazardous substances.

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