More pharmaceutical applications

Over the decades, Hosokawa Micron developed many process solutions that have proven successful for a wide variety of pharmaceutical applications, from lab-size to production-scale installations. A selection of those process solutions is listed below or published elsewhere on this website:

  • Densification of APIs before tabletting using a Cyclomix
  • Mixing of APIs, carrier and stearate before tabletting using a Nauta mixer
  • Mixing / low temperature drying of active organic pharmaceuticals using a Vacuum dryer
  • Agglomeration of veterinary antibiotics using a Flexomix
  • Mixing of crystalline cellulose, granules and lubricant before tabletting using a Nauta mixer
  • Agglomeration of lactose for tabletting using a Flexomix
  • Drying lactose from crystal water using a Vacuum dryer
  • Wet granulation / drying of non-active ingredients using a Vacuum dryer
  • Drying of pharmaceutical powders before tabletting using a Conical paddle dryer
  • Mixing / drying of plant extracts using a Vacuum dryer
  • Mixing of vitamins with carrier before tabletting using a Nauta mixer
  • Melting and mixing of dry syrup (wax and additives) using a Cyclomix

This selection is incomplete. If you did not find your particular application, that does not mean we haven't done or can't do it! Please contact us and discuss with our experts or schedule a test.

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