Starch modification processes

In the food industry, starch is an important binding agent for sauces, soups, sweets, liquorice and ice cream, etc. In the chemical industry, it is used in glue, and as a stiffening agent for paper and textiles. Industrial modification of raw starch results in better solubility in (cold) water, modification into different types of sugars, such as dextrose, fructose or even base material for sweeteners. However, one of the largest food applications is transferral into glucose products.

Hosokawa Micron has developed a continuous processing system, very suitable for the modification of starch: the Hosokawa continuous agglomeration system, comprising a Flexomix mixer/agglomerator, fluid bed dryer/cooler.

Modifying starch with Hosokawa process equipment

  • Raw Starch
    During the milling of starches the humidity content decreases to below the desired product specification. By applying the Flexomix next, you can achieve a homogeneous product with exactly the specified moisture content.
  • Dry cationisation
    Cationic starch is often used for special applications in the pulp and paper industries. The major advantage of this application is that the reaction agents and required amount of caustic soda can be added and distributed homogeneously in exactly the required amount, without overdosing, during a residence time of approximately 1 second. The mixture can be neutralized after a certain residence time.
  • Agglomeration and instantization
    Pre-gelatinized starch is difficult to disperse in water. The fine powder typically stays on the liquid surface. Wet agglomeration produces an agglomerate with an open structure and optimal dispersion characteristics. Mixtures for instant sauces can also be produced in this way. In general, the result will be an agglomerate with optimal flow properties, minimal dust and optimal dispersion characteristics.
  • Starch derivatives
    Maltodextrine and (for example) dextrose can be agglomerated to obtain optimal flow properties. Starch derivatives can be applied as a carrier in tablet making to optimize the performance of the tablet press.

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