Mixing & Drying Systems for Catalyst Production

Hosokawa Micron provides the chemical industry with mixing and drying equipment for the production of heterogeneous catalysts.

Preparation of the support material (carrier)

The Drymeister (DMR) flash dryer is very suitable for producing catalyst carriers from slurries. And it has a major advantage compared to conventional flash dryers, because the DMR is much more energy efficient. Support materials are conventionally dried using a spray dryer, which needs to be fed in slurry form. The DMR flash dryer however, can be fed with slurries but also with filter cakes or pastes. Therefore a much more energy efficient, mechanical dewatering process can be used before thermal drying.

Drymeister (DMR) flash dryer

Impregnation of carriers with actives

Nauta mixers and vacuum dryers are very suitable for the impregnation of catalyst carriers with active groups. They provide a gentle mixing and drying process, necessary because the relative size of the catalyst could determine activity as well as selectivity. By adjusting temperature and/or pressure during the process, any type of impregnation can be achieved.

The carrier is impregnated by addition of the solution in the mixer just in front of the agitator, making sure that the active ingredient is evenly distributed on the support. After addition, the product can be dried and the solvent can be recovered.

After addition of the actives the material can also be calcined or dried using the Nauta vacuum dryer, either under inert atmosphere or, depending on the grade after drying, oxygen levels can be slowly increased at certain temperatures to passivate the metals on the carrier.

Nauta® vacuum dryer

Milling and compaction equipment

Besides mixers and dryers the Hosokawa Group can also supply milling and compaction equipment, suitable for the production of catalysts.

Try before you buy

At the Hosokawa Micron test centre in the Netherlands, we offer you the opportunity to test your particular process on our mixing and drying equipment. It is possible to test the Nauta vacuum dryer with your product up to 6 m³ (product volume) to ensure the PSD of your product will not be damaged on a full size batch scale. We are also capable of drying methanol based carriers on our DMR flash dryer.

From pilot plant to production scale

Hosokawa Micron offers process equipment and technologies from individual units to large scale bespoke system solutions. Our principle is to deliver high performance yet affordable solutions that meet our customers' demands and long term challenges.

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Hosokawa Micron designs and manufactures mixing, drying and agglomeration equipment and systems for the powder and bulk processing industry.

Flash dryer

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