Agglomeration of Carbon Black

Carbon Black is a material produced from the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons such as heavy oil and other petroleum products. The leading uses for carbon black are as an additive in car tyre production or as a pigment. In both cases, the carbon black must be mixed in with other components in the production phase.

This makes small particles desirable, but the big disadvantage of small carbon black particles is that they are very dusty. The Flexomix continuous agglomeration system solves this problem, since it produces larger carbon black particles (mostly also with a larger bulk density) that generate less dust yet have good flow and mixing properties.

Flexomix continuous agglomeration system

With the Flexomix continuous agglomeration system, porous agglomerates can be made in a range of from 100 to 1,500 microns with a typical D50 value of between 200 and 700 microns. Capacities can vary from 100 kg/h up to 40,000 kg/h, depending on system design and the characteristics and requirements of the product.

Every agglomeration system supplied by Hosokawa Micron is developed in close cooperation with the customer and based on thorough testing of the product and requirements in our test laboratory, on a semi-production scale.

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At Hosokawa Micron we have our own testing and process development centre in Doetinchem, the Netherlands. It offers unique possibilities for testing your product to determine the most efficient process, system or plant prior to final design. We can provide laboratory-level as well as production-sized trials.

Whether you wish to test a single machine or a complete powder processing system, the same skilled and experienced staff are here to help ensure that your requirements are met, and that you are entirely satisfied with the results.

From pilot plant to production scale

We offer process equipment and technologies from individual units to large scale bespoke system solutions. Our principle is to deliver high performance yet affordable solutions that meet our customers' demands and long term challenges.

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