Hosokawa Micron provides excellent mixing, (freeze) drying and milling technologies for ceramic powder processing.

Ceramics applications

Ceramics are used in a wide range of applications from construction materials to prosthetics for human teeth. Ceramics are well known for their resistance against heat and wear, their resistance to oxidation, proneness to thermal shock and chemical stability and their characteristics as good insulators.

Processing ceramics

Ceramics are typically produced by heating processed clays and other naturally-occurring metals and minerals to form a rigid structure. The materials used to produce ceramics must undergo special processing in order to be able to control their purity, particle sizes, particle size distributions and heterogeneity.

An important aspect here is how to transform the ceramic particles into a desired shape. This is accomplished by adding water and/or additives such as binders, followed by forming. Mixing is often an essential part of this process, along with wet grinding followed by drying.

Ceramics Mixing and Drying solutions

For the mixing of ceramic base materials, we can recommend our Nauta® mixers. Key features like gentle mixing and complete discharge come to the fore in this application. Then there is our continuous flash dryer, the Micron Dryer flash dryer, which is the first drying system of its kind to be patented anywhere in the world. It has been developed to combine drying, de-agglomeration/milling and classifying in one piece of equipment.

Should you be looking for a solution for the production of nano-ceramics, where fine particles need to be kept loose, we can recommend our Active Freeze Dryer.

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