More metal applications

Over the decades, Hosokawa Micron developed many process solutions that have proven successful for a wide variety of metal products, from pilot-scale to production-size installations. A selection of those process solutions is listed below or published elsewhere on this website:

  • Coating iron powder with resin using a Cyclomix
  • Drying of zirconium oxide using a Drymeister (DMR-H)
  • Mixing of iron powder with additives for press powder part production using a Nauta mixer
  • Intensive mixing of iron powder with additives for magnet production using a Cyclomix
  • Mixing of metal powders and filler for welding powder using a Nauta mixer
  • Agglomeration of welding powder for welding electrodes using a Flexomix

This selection is incomplete. If you did not find your particular application, that does not mean we haven't done or can't do it! Please contact us and discuss with our experts or schedule a test.

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