Food colorant

Natural food colorants are foods in their own right and edible at any point in the production process. They are made from edible fruits, vegetables and plants and without the use of chemical solvents or additives. As consumers continue to demand natural ingredients that they can easily recognize and feel safe consuming, natural colors are ideally suited to meet this growing consumer requirement.

Food colorants are notoriously difficult to handle in wet feed, slurry or cake, exhibiting poor flow characteristics and a cohesive tendency. It is also temperature sensitive. When these difficulties are added to the specific requirements for colour and taste it becomes clear that it is critical to select the right dryer.

Typical application requirements

  • Feed material: slurry with a moisture content of approx. 85%
  • Required moisture content: generally < 10%
  • Product temperature: < 80°C
  • Particle size distribution: fine powder, no agglomerates

Ideal process solution

Hosokawa's Drymeister (DMR-H) flash drying system has been proven to be highly successful in drying slurries for the production of food colorants. The ultra-compact flash dryer combines drying, de-agglomeration/milling and classifying in one piece of equipment, drying temperature-sensitive products, safely, even under increased temperatures, in a matter of seconds! It delivers a lump free, defined particle size final product output.

System for drying food colorant slurries

The system diagram above clearly shows that the number of process steps (and therefore operational costs) is reduced when using a Drymeister (DMR-H) flash dryer. By design, the Drymeister requires less thermal energy per kilogram of evaporated water than conventional dryers, resulting in further savings and a more environmentally friendly operation.

With the capability to handle moisture content fluctuations from a few % up to more than 80% in suspensions, slurries, pastes, dough, filter cakes and wet powders it uses about 30-40% less energy per kilogram of evaporated water than conventional dryers.

Built-in milling section

The milling section in the bottom part of the dryer is designed to give optimal grinding of the wet material. Products obtained from a traditional dryer contain unwanted agglomerates, so that an additional milling step is required after drying. This additional process step is not necessary when the Drymeister (DMR-H) is used, saving you time and costs.

Drying & classifying in one step

Combining several unit operations in the dryer simplifies the process and reduces operational cost. With the introduction of the Drymeister (DMR-H) flash dryer even the most difficult products can be very efficiently dried and classified in one step to a fine and uniform product.

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