More food applications

Over the decades, Hosokawa Micron developed many process solutions that have proven successful for a wide variety of food related processes, from lab- to production-scale installations. A selection of those process solutions is listed below or published elsewhere on this website:

  • Homogenisation of flour, salt, milk powder and additives for bakery pre-mix using a Nauta mixer
  • Intensive mixing of flour, salt, liquid fat / butter oil for bakery pre-mix and cake mix using a Nauta mixer with Intensifier
  • Mixing of fat and icing sugar for cookies using an Extrudomix
  • Agglomeration and coating of flavours using a Cyclomix
  • Mixing of flour using a Turbulizer
  • Extrusion of yeast for food additives using an Extrudomix
  • Mixing of dough for food additives using a Turbulizer
  • Intensive mixing of iron and stearic acid for food supplements using a Cyclomix
  • Mixing of sugar, mint oil, dextrose and starch for mint sugar using a Conical Paddle Mixer
  • Mixing of salt and additives using a Nauta mixer
  • Mixing of seasonings, spices, flour and salt using a Nauta mixer

This selection is incomplete. If you could not find your particular application, that does not mean we haven't done or can't do it! Please contact us and discuss with our experts or schedule a test.


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