Hosokawa Micron specialises in providing the best possible mechanical and hygienic designs for the dairy industry and is an expert in unusual combinations of powder processing technologies. In contrast to the sterilisation or pasteurisation of milk for direct consumption, our primary focus is the handling and processing of spray-dried milk powders. Important aspects here include fast solubility, in coffee creamer for example, adaptable functionalities in applications in the feed industry, and the accurate blending of functional additives in baby food.

Our close relationship with the dairy industry and focussed approach means that customers can truly rely on our expertise: 85 years of dedicated research and development in powder processing technologies.

Infant formula

Innovation, Research & Development

Being a leader in mixing, drying & agglomeration technologies, Hosokawa Micron is constantly seeking for improvement, new technologies and new applications. Frequently, new developments take place in co-operation with our customers and with the use of our well equipped test station, where all our equipment is available at semi-industrial scale.

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Test Centre

In our test and development centre we can test your product to determine the optimal process prior to final design.Learn more


Toll processing

Our contract manufacturing & toll processing services range from a single process up to multiple operations.Learn more


Engineering Services

Hosokawa Micron offers you the extensive experience and superior competencies of our highly qualified engineering team, specialised in the design and development of powder process solutions.Learn more