The brand name Micron was introduced in 1930 by Hosokawa Iron Works, founded in 1916 in Osaka, Japan. The reason was the invention of the fine grinder that was dubbed 'Micron Mill'. In the decades that followed, various technologies in the field of powder processing were developed, which were given names such as 'Super Micron Mill' and 'Micron Separator'.

Due to the international expansion of the company, 'Hosokawa Micron International' was established in 1960. This marked the integration of the brand name 'Micron' in the name of the Hosokawa Micron Group as we know it today.

Nowadays, the Hosokawa Micron Group is a world leader in process equipment and systems for the powder, bulk and bulk solids processing industry, with research, manufacturing and service facilities in Asia, Europe and America.

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